Spa Services

Blueberry Facial
Price: $12.00




Treat your dog to the all-natural, hypo-allergenic, tearless and aromatherapeutic blueberry facial. Developed by the South Bark Dog Wash in California.

This is a relaxing and face-brightening massage for your pet. Dogs enjoy the special attention to their face while having the blueberry facial gently massaged into their fur and skin.

It can also be used as an all-over brightener on special request. When done regularly, this treatment will help reduce tear stains.

Signature Bath

Small Dogs (1-30 Lbs)


Medium Dogs (31-55 Lbs)


Large Dogs (56+ Lbs)


Our Signature bath includes a shampoo and conditioning treatment with our standard shampoo and conditioner products. Includes short massage, hair dry, and style.

Hot Oil Treatment
Price: $25.00




Dogs are constantly bombarded with pollution, chemicals, fluctuating temperatures, and humidity. These factors reveal themselves in the appearance of their fur/hair and condition of their skin.

Frequent bathing with low quality shampoo is another culprit that can often take a luxurious coat and turn it into a brittle coat of fur. Oil treatments can put the spring back into the dull lifeless coat, give relief to irritated skin, and protect against harmful chemicals.

Grooming Services

Nail Clipping


Nail Dremel


Nail Painting


Teeth Cleaning


Ear Cleaning


Ear Trimming


Hair Cut & Style

Prices Vary



Pricing according to dog size,breed, and desired groom



Add-On Treatments



Flea Treatment