Tessa Cormie is not only the owner, but groomer at TLC Dog Spa and Groom. Tessa grew up as a junior handler showing many different breeds of dogs and learning the industry. It wasn't long before Tessa realized animals were not only her #1 hobby, but passion as well. It was then when she enrolled in the Florida Institute of Technical Arts in Orlando, and eventually graduated with high honors.

Tessa has seen and worked in many different parts of the "dog industry" but is always happy to continue her education in this field.

If your looking for a kind, caring,knowledgeable, CPR Certified groomer.....Then Tessa is your girl!

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Friends of Phoebie

Tessa is now Vice President and active caretaker of the foster dogs in the Friends of Phoebie Non-For-Profit Program. Friends of Phoebie is a volunteer based organization devoted to giving local homeless dogs and cats a second chance.

Friends of Phoebie retrieves strays, abandoned, neglected, and oftentimes abused animals from unsavory home environments, local medical facilities, kill shelters, and surrendering owners and devote their time and resources to providing them with veterinary care, obedience training, and psychological and behavioral rehabilitation in an effort to eventually find permanent, loving homes for them.

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